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Self Assessment:


Put a check mark on the box and then explain as fully as possible on a separate sheet or sheets why you felt this to be an accurate measure of your achievement. Answering sincerely as sincerely as possible will be more useful than checking off “met” for each descriptor.




On the Way


  1. I can budget my time to complete an assignment.




  1. I can reflect on my reading




  1. I can keep a reading log that represents the key ideas that I discovered as I was reading the novels.




  1. I can choose 10 significant quotations.




  1. I can explain the significance of quotations clearly, succinctly, and insightfully




  1. I can draw connections between the ideas in a novel and those represented in contemporary popular culture in other forms of media




  1. I can represent my learning in a clear and organized presentation.




  1. I can apply my understanding of characters in a new and creative scenario.




  1. I can write correctly (grammar, sentences, spelling etc.




  1. I can use varied and specific word choice.