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Mid-Semester Writing Portfolio Reflection



Answer these questions in point form and then use the ideas to create a letter to Ms. MacDonell on the topic of your work so far in writing.




1.     What were my writing goals?

2.     Have I achieved those goals?  Which one(s)?

3.     If you have achieved a goal, provide the evidence

4.     Why have not achieved my goal(s)?

5.     Were these realistic goals or do I need to revise them?  If so, what are your new goals?

6.     What am I doing well with regard to my writing portfolio?





1.     Looking back at the Writing Folder Record Card, do you see any patterns in “What I do Well” and “What I need to improve” columns?

2.     Of the work I’ve done recently, which one do I feel most confident about?  Explain why in as much detail as possible.

3.     What particular skills and processes will I focus on for my next independent writing assignment?



1.     Describe your attitude toward your writing development. 

2.     Is there anything that you thing you can improve in terms of your commitment to your development as a writer?

3.     What kind of writing assignments do you enjoy the most/ the least?