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After you have figured out your focus/ topic/ issue/ interest and sufficiently narrowed your focus:


Step 1: Write your thesis


Step 2: Create a thought web/brainstorm


Step 3: Write your topic sentences


Step 4:  Write your body paragraphs using TIQA


Step 5:  Write your introduction


Step 6:  Write your conclusion




Your body paragraphs should provide a topic sentence.  The rest of the paragraph should provide a context for a quotation or a paraphrase of an example.  Then you should provide the analysis (explain your thinking/your point; explain why you chose this quotation/ explain its relevance.) and explain how the quotation supports/relates to your thesis.  DO NOT merely tell your reader what the quotation means; this can lead to summarizing rather than analyzing.


Topic Sentence

Introduce quotation: put the quote in context

Quote: provide your quote

Analyze: explain to the reader the importance of the quotation and how it supports your topic sentence and ultimately your thesis.