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Reflection on Writing


Questions that Promote Student Self-reflection and Metacognition




Analysis of Skills and Processes

1.      What makes these your best pieces?

2.      How did you go about writing them?

3.      What problems did you encounter?  How did you solve them?

4.      What makes your most effective piece different from your least effective piece?

5.      What goals did you set for yourself?  How well did you accomplish them?

6.      What was particularly important to you during the process of creating this work?

7.      If you could do further work on any or all of the pieces of writing in your portfolio, what would you do?

8.      How does what you have learned this year as writer relate to what you learned before?

9.      What I still don’t understand is….

10.  What conditions contribute to your best writing?

11.  Was there a particular writing piece that allowed you to make a break-through in your writing?  (an “ah ha!” moment)


How Skills and Processes


  1. How is your work at the end of the semester different from your work at the beginning?
  2. Has the way you plan work changed over time?  If so, how?


Affective and Other Areas


  1. Does your portfolio show that you are persistent (self-confident, motivated, etc…)? How?
  2. Has your persistence (self-confidence, motivation etc.) changed since the beginning of the class?  How?
  3. What writing topic or form do you enjoy the most/least? Why?
  4. What do you find the most challenging aspect of writing?
  5. What are some key ideas that you have learned about writing and the writing process through working on this portfolio?