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What are my expectations from peer editing?

  • Students will come to class with a 250 word rough draft
  • Students will be prepared to share that piece of writing with a peer
  • Students will take turns being editor and writer
  • The editors will provide helpful feedback to the writers


What I do not expect to see in a peer editing session:

  • Students who come to editing class without a piece will have to work alone on their independent writing
  • Students who are working as editors will not offer any negative feedback
  • As much as possible students who are working as editors will offer constructive criticism that will allow the writer to improve his her work.


Possible questions for the editor to pose to the writer:


Editing questions:


What is the purpose of this piece; what were you trying to achieve?

How do you intend to develop the piece?

What is the form of this writing?

What are your main ideas in this article?

Are the ideas chunked and organized in a logical way?

What are the strongest parts?

What are the weakest parts?

Is there any repetition?

Is there anything you have left out?

Do you have enough detail/sensory detail?

Do you have a strong opening? A hook?

Does this piece of writing address the goal you set for yourself?



  Revising questions:

Have you checked spelling, grammar, and sentences?

Have you checked paragraphing?

Have you checked word choice?

Can the word choice be improved?