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Short Story Unit: Charting what Changed


In short stories, the author usually tries to show some kind of change from the beginning to the end. 


bulletMost often the main character of protagonist changes, learns something grows in some way
bulletSometimes this is directly shown in the story and other times it is implied/unstated; the reader has to draw the conclusion


bulletSometimes a change is shown through the theme of the story. 
bulletIt is almost as though the author is trying to change the readerís thinking or attitudes. The reader learns something that the author thinks is important.  This kind of change is rarely stated the reader has to figure it out.
bulletSometimes there is no change
bulletIn these cases the reader feels as though something has gone wrong.  When the character does not grow, the reader feels sorry for the main character, or merely laughs at the main character. The reader does not respect the main character


Title of Story

State what changed

  1. Antwone Fisher




  1. The Dinner Party





  1. The Man from the South





  1. The Bully





  1. Death of a Snow Machine





  1. The Chaser