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Grade 9, Centre Consolidated School

Project-Based Learning

I will be responsible for delivering the Entrepreneurship module of the Grade 9 Project-Based Learning course.  I am very excited to embark on this journey with fellow staff and students.

Monday October 17th

For this module, students will develop an understanding of steps required to start a business venture.  Students will complete a series of tasks leading up to a Sales Event where they will have the opportunity to sell their product/service to the school community.  Students will develop a plan for their business, produce marketing and promotions tools, participate in a mentorship program, maintain financial records, and interact with customers through a Sales Event.

In order to start-up their business, students will be required to provide an initial financial investment.  Depending on the materials required and the scale to which they develop their business, costs will vary.  Any student who will be unable to provide their own initial investment, will have the opportunity to obtain a business start-up loan.  Upon submitting their list of expenses, students will sign a form that will outline the loan agreement, and payment in full (with a nominal interest fee) will be paid to the lending authority upon completion of the sales event.

Students will not be permitted to merely resell an existing product (For example, they cannot buy a box of chocolate bars and resell them at a higher price).  Any materials obtained from home/family/friends must also be counted as an expense and fully costed.  It is the intent that students will come to realize that running a successful business requires close attention to all financial details.

Monday October 17: An overview of the course of study was presented; Expectations for the Sales Event were discussed; Entrepreneurial traits were considered.

Tuesday October 18: Students finalized the creation of groups (if they are working in groups) and began to explore ideas for their business.

Wednesday October 19: Students began working on their mini-proposals and solidified ideas for their business venture.  Information regarding assessment and the Sales Event will be coming soon.