Park View Education Centre
Food Science 12

As a part of our classes this year, we completed a WebQuest on media claims about various diseases and their relationship to food. The WebQuest can be found here. Each class was divided into groups and researched one of several different topics. The different topics were Attention Defecit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Diet, Breast Cancer and Soy Beans, Alzheimer's Disease and Diet, Arthritis and Diet, Cancer and Diet, and Common Cold and Diet.

Each group produced a PowerPoint presentation about their findings as well as produced a newsletter about their topic. These newsletters can be found here:

Class 1:

Class 2:

Besides doing the WebQuest, we were also involved with swapping information about diet and ideas about nutrition with two other schools located in Spain and Denmark. What we found out is listed below. In addition the Spanish school provided us with some information about a taste test they did with different colas.

Diet Information for Park View Education Centre

Diet Information for I.E.S. SANT QUIRZE. SPAIN

Diet Information for Bindslev school, Denmark

For those of you not familiar with Park View Education Centre, we have developed the top ten facts about our school. You can open it by clicking here.

Funding for this project generously provided by Grassroots.