About Me



This is a picture of Placentia, the community in NL where I was born and raised.  I moved to Nova Scotia many years ago to attend university and fell in love with the province.  I received my undergraduate and my Master of Education (Counselling) degree from Acadia University.  I completed my Bachelor of Education Degree at Mount Saint Vincent University.  I am presently taking a Master of Education (Leadership) degree from Acadia University on a part-time basis. 



I believe that students have to learn to handle freedom in order to learn what it is to be a self disciplined contributing member of our society. Students who have had the freedom to choose, make meaningful decisions during their school years, leave with a firm sense of identity, and with knowledge that their responsible behavior will sit well where ever they choose to engage themselves. Students become self- directing, self- improving, and self-sufficient. This requires giving students a greater say and freedom of choice whenever possible, in the day to day operation of the classroom. Students learn to work cooperatively, work until they have completed a task, seek help from other students, and not wait for me to tell them every step to take. Students are able to follow their own needs and interests and develop according to their own potential.