Village life


The Working Class and what it was like


n      Houses were meant for family life.

n      Up to six people lived together including relatives, such as grandparents.

n      The houses of working people had little furniture.

n      The floor was for sitting on, and mats for sleeping on.

















n      Meals were often served on mats on the floor rather than on tables.

n      The kind of food they ate was bread and they drank beer but the higher class ate better food.

n       (Make a comment here about the food and not sitting at a table. IE no fast food in Ancient Egypt, none of your favourite foods) it would suck






The sleeping arrangements:

There were no Beds for village people.        

Wood or stones were used for pillows.

I think it would be hard and uncomfortable to sleep like this.



Water and waste system

n      There was no running water or waste system.

n      Toilets were wooden stools with a hole in the middle and a pot underneath.

n      Pots needed to be emptied regularly.





What it was like for girls


Girls' jobs included:


Bearing Children

Caring for children




What it was like for boys

Some boys were educated. They were hired to read and write.

They also worked building pyramids with the older men.




Childhood ended at the age of 10 for both boys and girls 






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