What Egyptians Traded

Egyptians exported stone and pottery vases, linen, papyrus, gold vessels, ox hides, ropes, lentils and dried fish. Their imported goods were mostly raw materials and products sought as luxury items in high society. Horses, cattle, small livestock, cedar wood, silver, copper and valuable minerals were imported from Syria and Palestine. Cyprus delivered copper and ivory. Luxury items such as Minoan and Mycenaean oil containers came from the Aegean.                          












                 This is ox hide, one of the items                                                    Cyprus gave the Egyptians copper.

                    the Egyptians traded.




How Egyptians Traded




Egypt was one of the first countries to trade with other countries. Egyptians set up trade routes to Cyprus, Crete, Greece, Syro-Palestine, Punt, and Nubia. They only used those trade routes sometimes in their history. they mostly traded with countries along the Mediterranean Sea and the Upper Nile River. They didnít use Land travel to trade because it was too time consuming and attacks from the natives were very common then.



Trading boats  






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