The Role of Women in Ancient Egypt






Egyptian women had the same legal and economic rights as

the male in ancient Egypt; they also had many more rights

like the right to marry whomever she liked and get divorced

whenever she wanted. She also owned most of the

belongings in a marriage even though the men looked after

them. Also the women could claim one-third of the property

in her marriage that belonged to the man. No one knows why

these rights existed for the women in Egypt at that time. 

Women elsewhere in the world did not enjoy these rights

until later times.


Also Egyptian women could be lower, middle and upper class.

The lower class women were illiterate; the middle class women

were married to Professional men; and upper class women

could read and write.


The kinds of jobs lower class women did were usually slaves

but they sometimes worked as farmers or did work around the

house. They did jobs like: fetching water, weaving, helping

make wines and beers. sometimes they were hired as mourners.


The kinds of jobs middle class women did were usually jobs

limited to the house and family, this was not due to an inferior

legal status but was probably a consequence of having



Upper class women enjoyed a life of leisure and had many

servants to assist them in running their households.




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