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Grade 8 English
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Grade Eight English Overview

The grade eight English course will be divided into two sections: Unit classes,
which encompass reading, (75%) and Writing Workshop classes (25%). Students
receive two Writing Workshop classes and four Unit classes per six day cycle.
One class per cycle, grade eights have a 20 minute library borrowing period.
        Grade eight outcomes are available on our school web  site at:
You may also check homework every night at this site.
Writing Workshop
The year will begin by showing the students how the Writing Workshop classes
function.  Students write on topics to earn a writing mark (25%). Students must
earn 20 credits by Tuesday, October 12th and another 15 credits by Tuesday,
November 9th for a total of 35 minimum credits. You will be informed by
parent-teacher in October if your child is not meeting the requirements.
Students receive credit by recording what writing they have accomplished on a
Writing Credit sheet. Students receive credit for all stages of their writing
and for any conferences they have.
                There is no test in this component, however a mark is generated from the
credits and the student's own improvements on their personal writing goals.
Writing Workshop will continue throughout the year. There are assignments
within this writing unit that are part of regular homework and the unit
percentage of 75%

Unit Classes First Term
        Our Short Story unit will begin the second week of school where students will
read a large variety of short stories and discuss plot, author’s style,
setting, conflict and conclusions. Students will practice their writing skills
by creating a short story as a Writing Workshop assignment to coincide with the
unit. There will
        be a test on the unit Friday, October 1st.
The short story assignment will be due Monday, October 4th.
                The second unit will be Novel Study. A large group of the students will be
reading The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton which discusses social differences and
conflict that arise among teens. This is an excellent springboard into many
great PDR issues. Advanced readers will be asked to read The Outsiders,
complete some of the assignments and then move to classic novels as outlined in
Park View’s Pre-IB reading list. Readers with difficulties will be able to view
a video of the movie and read highlights of the novel to enable them to
participate in the class activities. This unit will conclude with a test on or
close to October 29th.
                Students are required to read for 15 minutes at school each day and are to
keep a record  of their reading  and complete small tasks based on what they
read. Students should have reading material each day that they wish to read.
                Students will be asked to read aloud to me for assessment throughout the term.
This will be during the time when the rest of the class is doing their daily
silent reading.


Homework Policy
The homework policy has been revised since the last school year. Once a cycle
students work habits will be reviewed and if a student has outstanding homework
they will be addressed. Please refer to the homework agenda book on page  six.
                Homework help is available almost any lunch , and is regularly offered after
school on Mondays and Thursdays. I am able to help students at any convenient
time if the other times are not good.


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