Mrs. Whynot's Class-Grade Five

West Northfield School

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Communication Plan


Grade Five-

Mrs. Whynot


 An Overview of the Program






Language Arts- Mrs. Whynot

v     Reading and Viewing

Partner, shared, guided and independent reading, read aloud, awareness of literature styles, reading responses, awareness of effective reading skills

v     Writing and Other Ways of Presenting

Create written text in a variety of forms (i.e. journals, letters, poetry, project reports, stories, poems, etc.), edit work for content, spelling and punctuation, produce   finished copies

v     Speaking and Listening

Conversation, brainstorming, group sharing, interviewing, oral reading, choral reading, Readers Theatre, storytelling, book talks, short oral reports

Respectful participation in discussions and following directions.



Mathematics- Mrs. Whynot

v     Concepts Covered

Place value, estimation, fractions, addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, problem solving, geometry, measurement, graphing, probability

v     Mental Math

Problem solving- 3 to 5 second response to math facts


Visual Arts- Mrs. Whynot

Using different mediums, theme and season related concepts will be explored






 Science – Mrs. Whynot

v     Concepts Covered

Life Science: Meeting Basic Needs and Maintaining a Healthy Body

Physical Science: Properties and Changes in Matter

                                   Forces and Simple Machines

Earth and Space Science: Weather



Health- Mrs. Whynot

v     Concepts Covered

Second Step Program

Self Discipline


Good Judgment

Respect for Others



Social Studies- Mrs. Whynot

v     Ancient Societies-Egypt, Medieval Societies-England, Early Aboriginal Peoples-North America


Teachers’ Expectations

Students are expected to complete all their assignments, including homework, to the best of their ability.  They are to cooperate with the teacher and their classmates to help provide a positive learning environment.  

Parents are expected to assist with and discuss homework.  They are asked to sign the homework agenda when homework is completed and communicate any difficulties experienced.  


Assessment is the day-to-day checking of student work or performance by the teacher.  The evaluation procedure involves using Program Outcomes described in the Nova Scotia Curriculum Guides to assign grades and report to parents.

Some assessment and evaluation tools may include: student teacher conferences, quizzes, work samples, tests, rubrics, checklists and report cards.



Parents are encouraged to actively communicate concerns or seek out information about the school and their child.  They may communicate through notes in the homework agenda, or phone calls.  The school number is 541-8220.  

Communication will be through the homework agenda, phone calls, notices, formal and informal meetings and report cards.




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