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We are now working in the unit that covers sexual health.  In grade 8 the general topics that we will be covering include: attitudes, self-concept, sexual orientation, gender stereotypes, risks associated with being sexually active and how our attitudes and choices about health change as we age.  Will be discussing some types of contraceptives in relation to the topic of risks related to being sexually active, including STIs and unwanted pregnancy.  As part of these discussions we will be talking about different types of sexually activity and the risks associated with each with reference to STIs and pregnancy. 

However, more in-depth discussions about types of contraceptives and sexual anatomy are covered in the Grade 9 Healthy Active Living Curriculum. 

In addition, to our discussions/classwork students are encouraged to talk to our guidance counsellor, Ms. Stringer, or Ms. Fryer the school's public health consultant.

Course Description:

The basis of Grade 8 HAL (Healthy Active Living) continues with material covered in Grade 7 HAL expanding on the topics and goes into greater depth.  The three main areas of study (General Curriculum Outcomes, GCOs) are:


      Healthy Relationships

      Healthy Self

      Healthy Communities

Course Outline


Please Note:  If an assignment date is posted in advance students do not need to begin working on an assignment until the actual assignment date as class time is always given for assignments.  Thank you.

Expectations for all Journals    
Disorder Assessment  


Journal 3: "Dealing with Grief" Assigned:     
Skeletal System Questions Assigned:    

Journal 4:  Breaking a Bone

Health Care Product Ad/Poster Rubric Assigned:    
Students have started the assignment in class and have had their rough drafts approved.  1 period was given for the final draft, the rest is to be completed for homework.  Students are required to attach their rubric to their work and they must complete a self-evaluation on the rubric.    
Journal 5: Alcohol & Teenagers:  You be the parent activity      
Sobering Reflection Questions      
Note:  Need to borrow text or copy of article on paper.      

Alcohol Information Packet

Alcohol Information Packet Questions

Telephone Dating Response Questions

Note: Reading is available by request from Mr. White.  Students had in class time to complete this assignment.

"Bullied" Reading

"Bullied" Questions

Decision Making Practice Sheet (#11, #12 and Pick 1 of the others to do)

Decision Making 6 Step Process (Read)

Note:  Use the format developed in class.

Note: This assignment must be picked up because some of the information was hand written on the sheet.    
HIV/AIDS Information Package      
HIV/AIDS Response Questions      
Journal #6 Teenage Pregnancy