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Course Description: 

This grade 10 geography course deals with physical geography.  This course has two sections.  Part A, Graphic Environment, helps students develop an understanding of and practical experience in constructing, using and interpreting some of the image, map and graphing skills geographers commonly use to analyse the environment.  Part B, The Physical Environment, deals with the various land, ocean, and atmospheric processes that are at work sculpting the face of the earth.  These processes illustrate that Earth’s ecosystems are in delicate balance and require careful stewardship. 

Extra Help:

If you experience any difficulty with your studies please arrange to see me as soon as possible so we can develop a plan for you to meet your goals; I am available daily at noon hour and most days after school until 4pm.  In addition, students can access extra help from the Assignment Completion Area.  Late assignments will be sent to ACA, students have received a sheet from their homeroom teacher outlining this procedure.

Course Outline Click this link for a copy of the course outline.



Current Course Work


Date Started: Date Due: Status:
Ch. 8 Set #2 Monday May 6th    
Ch. 8 Set #1 Friday May 3rd Monday May 6th Hand In
Ch. 7 Set #1 Wednesday May 1 Thursday May 2nd Not Hand In: Bonus
Ch. 7 Text Pg 122 Q's Tuesday April 30th Done in Class In Class Work
Ch. 6 Set #3 Thursday April 25 ---- Corrected: Not Hand In
Text Pg 102 #15, 17; Pg 110 #18,19 Wednesday April 24 ---- In-Class-Corrected
Ch. 6 Set #2 Tuesday April 23 ---- Corrected: Not Hand In
Text Pg 92 #4abc, 5,6,8b; Pg 97 #10b; Pg 102 #16 Tuesday April 23 ---- In-Class-Corrected
NS Gold Mining Reading NS Gold Mining Questions Wednesday April 17 Thursday April 25 Marked-Corrected
Ch. 6 Set #1 Tuesday April 16 Thursday April 25 Marked-Corrected

Past Assignments

Ch 2 Set #2

Hand In

Russian Meteor Article 1

Russian Meteor Article 2

Russian Meteor Questions

Hand In

Chapter 3 Question Set #1

Not Hand In


Ch 4 Set #1 Supplement from Earth Dynamics Ch.20

Not Hand In

Ch.4 Meteor Strike Journal

Hand In

Ch.4 Set #2

Hand In

Ch 4 Set #3 Mineral Project Overview

Poster Rubric

Citation Guide for References

Circle Graph/Pie Chart Practice Sheet
Ch. 5 Set #1 Ch. 5 Set #2 Ch.5 Set #3: Supplement Ch. 21
Ch. 5 Set #4: Supplement Ch. 22 Ch. 5 Set #5