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Course Description: 

Our course will provide you with the opportunity to understand and apply the design process, respond to, and examine ways to change the world around us.  This course offers students skills and values that they can apply to a range of learning challenges and career opportunities.  We are surrounded by design.  Design is used to solve problems and answer question in every aspect of the environment created by humanity.  Design is seen in everything from the way we plant crops, design furniture, construct displays/signs, build cars and design homes, bridges, and roads.

Course Outline

Course Work:


Assignment Assigned/Handed Out Due Date:
Assignment #10 Tobacco Questions

Required Reading

Friday Oct.7th Friday Oct.14th
Assignment #11 Tobacco Timeline Tuesday Oct. 11th Wednesday Oct.19th
Assignment #12 Tool Sketches * Tuesday Oct. 25th Monday Oct. 31st
Assignment #13 Built Environment Wednesday Oct. 26th Monday Nov. 21st
Assignment #14 Logo Assignment Thursday Nov. 3rd Friday Nov. 18th
Assignment #15 Home Orientation Q's Wednesday Nov. 9th TBA

NOTE:  For Assignments # 16 - 19 you are only required to complete 2 of the 4 assignments; your choice. 

Your 2 picks are due Tuesday Dec. 13th.

Assignment #16 Real Estate Activity  Tuesday Nov. 15th Tuesday Dec. 13th

Assignment #17 Igloo Work

Monday Nov. 21st Tuesday Dec. 13th
Assignment #18 Cordwood Housing Monday Nov. 28th Tuesday Dec. 13th
Assignment #19 Ergonomics Assignment

Snow Shoveling Reading

See Mr. White for other handout

  Tuesday Dec. 13th
Assignment #20 Hazard Poster

Hazard Poster Rubric

  Tuesday Jan. 4th
Assignment #21 Renewable Energy in NS Monday Jan. 3rd Friday Jan. 6th
Assignment #22 Ice Hotel Questions

(This is a replacement assignment, can be counted in place of another assignment; just tell me you want to use this to replace a particular assignment.)

To download the video google Ice Hotel + Documentary + Sweden


Assignment #23 Investigating Wind Power

(This assignment needs to be completed for testing purposes.)

Wednesday Jan.5th Wednesday Jan. 11th
Assignment #24

"Going Green for the School Year"


Monday January 16th January 20th
Assignment #25

Carbon Footprint Journal

Wednesday January 18th January 25th
Assignment #26

Solar Activity 1

Wednesday January 18th February 3rd
Assignment #27 Nuclear Work Sheet #1

Click here for direct link to reading

Thursday February 9th Wednesday February 15th
Assignment #28 Nuclear Work Sheet #2

#28 Reading (Adobe Required)

Friday February 10th Friday February 17th
South Canoe Wind Project Power Pt. Brief Info Only Info Only
Nuclear Safety Power Pt. Notes    
#29 Nuclear Safety Questions

#29 Nuclear Safety Reading

Monday February 20th Friday February 29th
Introduction to Architecture Power Point NOTES NOTES
#30 Power Point: Famous Architecture


March 1st March 26th


Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10
#31 Gothic Revival Architecture Dictionary Assign.

List of Websites to Use

(with descriptions of what is on the sites)

Gothic Revival Power Point that shows elements

March 21st TBA
Gallery of Gothic Revival Photos    
#32 Google Sketch Up: Tutorial #2 Assignment

NOTE:  This was done in class and students were to follow along with the rest of the class because we watched an instructional video off of YouTube.  They are also required to add a few additional elements.  The link for the instructional video is below.

Tutorial 2 Video Link

Monday April 16th
#33 Greek Revival Architecture Identification Assignment

Greek Revival Power Point: Explains Characteristics

Link to Nova Scotia Historic Places: 

Use Greek Revival as your search criteria.

Thursday April 12th Wednesday April 18th
#34 Business Card Assignment

Good Examples of Business Cards

Common Business Card Mistake Reading

Wednesday April 18th Thursday April 26
#35a Design Principles: Proximity #1

#35b Design Principles: Proximity #2

Design Principles: Presentation of Concepts

Design Principles: Reading

Wednesday April 25 Monday April 30
#36a Font Type Questions

Reading in a Word file.  Use at school.

Reading Website Link  Use from home

Monday April 30 Thursday May 3rd
#36b Font Chart Assignment Tuesday May 1st Thursday May 3rd
#37 Car Advertising Reading and Questions Monday May 7th Wednesday May 9th
#38 Duck Tape Wallet Project Instructions


You will need a partner for this assignment.  You will each make your own wallet, but two sets of hands makes this much, much easier.  Each wallet will take approximately 1.5 periods to create.

Tuesday May 8th (Start only after all other work is completed.) Wednesday May 16th
#39 SunChips Product Design Case & Questions Wednesday May 16 Friday May 18th
Article 1 Article 2 Article 3 Questions

#40 Research a Product Failure Project Outline

Extra Assignment: Anti-Bullying Challenge

Delete Cyberbullying Scholarship - $1,500, 2 Awards (Deadline: June 30, 2012)

In an effort to get students committed to the cause of deleting cyberbullying, we are
offering the Delete Cyberbullying Scholarship Award for high school and college students.
Students may win one of two $1,500 scholarships for educational expenses.

Applications can be found by going to:


Options:  Vex Cars, Mouse Trap Cars, Alternate Projects as approved

Students will be marked on in class work.  Responsible for bringing their own materials.  Will be marked on improvements made to their design as testing it.

#42 Independent topic: Power Point Presentation Rubric


Must showcase principles covered in class.  Font design, balance, effective use of whitespace, use of Power Point features (backgrounds, features, text effects, etc.), have sources for information.  The actual information can be on ANY school appropriate topic.  Information will be marked on how well the choosen topic is covered.


*Please note assignments marked with an asterisk were either in-class assignments or are only available directly from Mr. White.