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Extra Help:

If you experience any difficulty with your studies please arrange to see me as soon as possible so we can develop a plan for you to meet your goals; I am available daily at noon hour and most days after school until 4pm.  In addition, students can access extra help from the Assignment Completion Area.  Late assignments will be sent to ACA, students have received a sheet from their homeroom teacher outlining this procedure.

Course Outline Click this link for a copy of the course outline.

Current Course Work

Assignment Category Assigned/Handed Out Due Date:
Module 1 Text Set #1 Work Hand In Friday May 3rd TBA

Previous Assignments

Click on the unit title to view outcomes for the unit.  Please note there is considerable cross-over between each of the modules so outcomes for more then one module are often covered by one assignment; assignments have been listed in the module in which they were completed.

Module 1 Touch Typing Module 2 Document Processing Module 3 Spreadsheets Module 4 Desktop Publishing Module 5 Business Fundamentals/Ethics
Touch Typing Poster   Excel Sample: Tracking Renovations

Using the Sum Function & Sort Function

Ethics Assignment: Plagiarism Digital Photography: Putting Yourself at Risk: Canadian Judge
    Excel Assignment: Gettin' Hitched (Instructions)

List of what to include

Sample Excel File

    Budget Example    
    Small Business Excel Problems: Pizza