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Course Description: 

Math for the Workplace 12 is an elective course which qualifies as a “Technology” credit toward the Nova Scotia Graduation Requirements.  It DOES NOT qualify as a “Mathematics” or “Science” credit.  Please remember you need a minimum of 2 Mathematics credits to graduate, and Math for the Workplace 12 does not count toward these two credits.

It is a course that focuses on the development of basic mathematics competencies with a focus on using mathematics in the workplace, with particular attention to the skilled trades and retail careers.


Extra Help:

If you experience any difficulty with your studies please arrange to see me as soon as possible so we can develop a plan for you to meet your goals; I am available daily at noon hour and most days after school until 4pm.  In addition, students can access extra help from the Assignment Completion Area.  Late assignments will be sent to ACA, students have received a sheet from their homeroom teacher outlining this procedure.

Course Outline Click this link for a copy of the course outline.

Course Work:  Please see Mr. White to get any missed work.


Most of the work we do in class is from none digital information, so if you miss a class or need another copy of a sheet please get it from the "Math Extras" binder in the classroom.  This binder has spare copies of all assignments, dates given out and due dates.