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Course Description:


Learning Strategies is designed to allow students to develop a better understanding of how to approach the learning process, be able to express themselves more effectively and be more willing to participate in all curricular areas.   There will be a focus on executive functioning skills such as:  communication, problem solving, personal development, critical thinking, and technological competence.

Students will explore a variety of skills and topics and focus on working on their course work in all subjects as method of honing their skills.  In addition, students will practice skills including: assessment strategies, time management, listening skills, note taking, learning styles and study skills, utilizing resources, organizing information, oral and written communication, problem solving, personal/social interactions, and self-advocacy skills.


Assignments Due Dates:

Assignment due dates for LST are extremely flexible as a significant focus of the course is helping students stay up to date in their other courses, preparing for tests, and staying organized--which are demonstrations of many of the courses outcomes.  Assignments will be called in groups and are tracked on a daily basis with monthly deadlines for any outstanding assignments.

Course Outline

Assignment #30 Home Inventory