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Ch. 7 & Ch. 14 Test will be Friday May 10th  Click Here for Review!

PAST DUE: Situation Modification Project. Please send it by email.


Course Description: 

Global Geography 12 meets the Global Studies requirement for graduation in Nova Scotia.  The course explores topics related to the impact human activities have on the planet including areas such as population growth/distribution, resource/wealth distribution, food distribution, and urbanization/globalization.  All of these topics are explored in terms of differences between varying countries of the world with particular emphasis on the differences of Post-industrial and Developing countries and how physical location impacts a regionís development. 

Extra Help:

If you experience any difficulty with your studies please arrange to see me as soon as possible so we can develop a plan for you to meet your goals; I am available daily at noon hour and most days after school until 4pm.  In addition, students can access extra help from the Assignment Completion Area.  Late assignments will be sent to ACA, students have received a sheet from their homeroom teacher outlining this procedure.

Blackline Copies of Maps of the World:

South America

Central America

Course Outline Click this link for a copy of the course outline.

Current Course Work

Assignments: Date Started: Due Date: Status:
Ch. 14 Mexico City Case Study Friday May 3rd TBA TBA
Ch. 13 Set #4 Friday May 3rd Friday May 3rd In Class: Bonus
Ch. 13 Set #3 Wednesday May 1st Friday May 3rd Hand In

Ch. 13 Situation Modification Project Assignment/Information Criteria

Poster Rubric

Friday April 12 Friday May 3rd  
Ch. 13 Set #2 (on Situation Modification Project Handout Sheet) Friday April 12 April 19th Corrected
Ch. 13 Set #1  BONUS ASSIGNMENT Wed. April 10 Friday April 12 Corrected

Previous Assignments

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Hand In

Ch. 7 Set #3
Ch. 6 Question Set # 1 Ch. 6 Question Set #4

Spot Check

Ch. 6 Question Set #2

Hand In

Ch 7 Set 1: Population

Hand In

Pollution Web Quest Ch 7 Country Assignment Basic Sheet

Country Assignment Demographic Sheet

LaHave River Pollution Information Ch. 7 Set 2