Course Outline


Course Outline


English 12 Course Outline

Ms. C. Stewart

Liverpool Regional High School

English 12 is a required credit course focusing on literature and written composition. Students will continue to develop skills in the areas of comprehension, interpretation, written and oral expression, research and composition. 


 -         To continue to develop writing, reading, listening and speaking skills

-         To create an appreciation of the various forms of literature

-         To explore connections between literature and students' own personal traits, values, and social connections

-         To prepare students for the expectations and demands post- secondary level courses and the world of work.


Units:  Please be aware that the time lengths for each unit are approximate.  Unit lengths may be changed as they are approached.


The Essay:      Ongoing Unit

We will study the elements and style of the essay, as well as develop and expand your own essay writing skills.  There will be major writing assignments with each unit. 


Unit 1:                        A Look at the Provincial Exam and             Challenging the Final Exam            1 week

You will be introduced to the components of the Provincial Exam for English 12 and have Once again, preparation for the FINAL ENGLISH exam


Unit 2:                        Advertising: The Reality of Perceptions                                         3 weeks

Advertising will be the focus of this unit as we look at how the media influences our lives and how we interpret this influence.


Unit 3:                        Appearance versus Reality:  Macbeth                       6 weeks

This thematic unit is designed to look at life from the different perceptions people can have of the reality in which they live. We will be studying this unit through the genres of short stories, poetry, essays, and a play.


Unit 4:                        Lord of the Flies: The Novel                                                 6 weeks

 It’s like Lost, but not… stranded on an island, fending for themselves, these boys must learn to survive. We will be studying the characteristics of a novel including character, plot, theme, setting, and mood.  We will also give attention to the techniques of the novelist such as style and figurative language.


Unit 5:                       Poetry: A Personal Approach                                                           1 week

This culminating unit allows you to interpret poetry but still maintain personal choice and response as well the option for creative composition.


Course Evaluation


Daily Assignments/ Class mark              30 %

Unit Test and Quizzes                                       20 %

Projects /Essays                                               20 %

Final Provincial Exam                                        30 %


Student Expectations


1.      The classroom will be a place of mutual respect for the rights and feelings of others and property.


2.      Students are responsible for being in class on time and prepared with pens, textbooks, binders, etc.  This is ENGLISH class. You NEED A PEN, PAPER and your TEXTBOOK!


3.      Once the bell has rung, you are considered late and you must have a late slip.


4.      Students are required to pass assignments in at the beginning of the class on the due date and be present for tests and quizzes on the day assigned.


LATE ASSIGNMENTS:       One day late – 10%

More than one day – 50% of the value of your mark.


Students who do not complete in-class assigned work receive 0%.

 5.      If a student is absent on the day an assignment is due or a test is given, he or she will be expected to hand in the assignment or write the test on the day of return.  Unexcused absences will result in a mark of zero for work or tests completed that day.

 YOU are responsible for getting missed work and homework on a day that you were absent.

 6.      Plagiarism is forbidden. All quotations used must be credited to their original authors.  A deliberate act of plagiarism will result in a mark of 0%.

 7.      No food or personal listening devices in the classroom please. I will entertain you!

 8.      Students who have questions or concerns about classes or assignments can come see me in my room before class, during lunch, or after school.


This is the fine print: Decisions you make are your own. Be accountable and responsible for your own actions and willing to accept the consequences, good or bad, of your decisions


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