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Welcome to my Web site!

I have just started constructing this website and my goal is to have it fully functioning by September. 

For this semester I will provide test and major project due dates and general information on the home page of the site.

If you have any questions please email me at:


This week in Ancient History

This week in Sociology

Egypt Unit

Over the next three weeks we will be studying the Ancient Egyptians.

Mesopotamia Test has been rescheduled to  Wednesday April 19th period 4 and 5

Egypt Artifact Project due April 26th

Sociological Perspectives


Research Methods Test Wednesday April 19th

The week in Theory of Knowledge

News and Links

The end is near! 

No class on the 19th and 20th - you are working on your Technopoly assignment.

A reminder of class on April 24th in 103N with Mr. Godbold.

April 26th the video  "The History of #1"

Last class April 27th     (I will be there)

 I will be on parental leave starting  Friday April 14th and I will be back Monday May 15th.

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