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Welcome to the Grade 3 VanderZwaag website. I hope that we can use this site to keep you informed about what is happening  and what will be happening in our classroom during the remainder of the 2005 school year.

You will be able to access weekly homework assignments. I will be showing you new unit overviews. You will also see students' writing and artwork. You will be able to find your child's weekly spelling list as well as special upcoming classroom activities.

And now dear parents the truth! I have never attempted keeping up my own website. While it is my intention to do all of the above on a weekly basis, I may not be able to complete this goal at all times. Please be patient and bear with me. I am learning along with the students.

I would like to begin with a midyear review and update of  our classroom communication plan.

Next let's look at this week's homework. 

Spelling--Remember some students will be responsible for five words, some will be responsible for ten words, and others will study twenty words. Spelling homework includes the word list and an activity sheet. It goes home each Monday and returns on Friday morning. We do not have Spelling tests if the week is less than four day weeks. This week's list:

Rah-Rah--Try to have your child read four nights per week. Your child should be responding to one of the readings on the Response Sheet each week. Rah-Rahs normally go home on Mondays and come back to school on Fridays. As the year progresses Response Sheets will change in format.

Problem of the Week-- Math homework will go home Fridays and be returned to school on Monday. This week's problem will deal with nets and symmetry.

This page was last updated on 01/19/05.