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Comet and Asteroid comparison   


Which is which?  Comet and Asteroid questions

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Find these answers in Culture Quest.  Only write the number and the answer on your page.  


1.       A scientist who studies human history and digs for items is called…

2.       The short word for deoxyribonucleic acid is

3.       The thing in question 2 carries all of our genetic information to determine our characteristics like hair and eye _____________________.

4.       Something that an archaeologist digs for such as bones are called a_____________.

5.       Fossils of human like creatures called h__________________ have been found in Africa.

6.       Scientists believe the ancestors of modern humans came from ____________________then moved to Asia, Europe, Australia and North and South America.

7.       Three countries the fossils of early humans have been found in Africa are :





8.       3 traditional uses of instruments in West Africa were




9.       A ukulele style stringed instrument from Africa

10.   A long tin horn with 1-2 bells

11.   An xylophone

12.   2 names for drums ___________________   __________________

13.   Looks like a maraca

14.   Country to find a jelikoni

15.   Country of a tiouhoun

16.   Country of kakaki

17.   Country of shekere

18.   Most important instrument in West Africa

19.   3 categories of uses of Dance-drumming

20.   What special course is taught in school in Africa?

21.   Designs are woven into the cloth made in Africa that have ______________________understood by their culture.

22.   Statues traditionally represent ___________________________________________

23.   FIVE materials statues are made from are …..

24.   A statue that represents good is ________________________

25.   A statue that represents evil is _________________________________

26.   A mask is believed to make the spirits____________________ to the people but the person wearing it does not speak, they communicate by _________________________.























Created by C. Eisnor 
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