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Exams & Studying
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Homework and Studying Tips

 Here is a website that will give you some help-



This checklist came from the fore mentioned link

If you stick to the checklist it will make studying easier and more organized


How to prepare for a test- Get lots of sleep so you will be fresh and have lots of energy Review many times, donít just study the night before


Eat a good break feast to have lots of pep and so you wonít be hungry  Have everything you need to do the test {i.e. pen, pencil, eraser etc.}


Listen to your instructions carefully so you know what to do. Donít waste time and answer the questions you know first than after you are finished go back and think about the questions you are having a hard time with


Even if you are not sure of an answer to a question on the test make sure you answer the question anyway because you could get it rightReview your answer before you pass in your tests because you may see a mistake that you made and can fix it Make your answers clear so your teacher can understand your answers


 EXAMS. Grade nines have a year-end test that covers everything they did that year in that subject. Not all people write exams you have to check with your individual teachers. This is called exemption. Here is the exams schedule for the grade nines at CAMS:


bulletTues. June 15th AM: English     PM: Science


bullet Wed. June 16th AM: Social Studies     PM: Math


bulletThurs. June 17th AM: French


bullet Fri. June 18th Make ups


For a good study skills checklist that asks you first to analyze your study habits and then gives you tips on how to improve see this site-

http://www.ucc.vt.edu/stdysk/checklis.html  If you answered yes to two or more questions on the checklist, in an area you should check out the rest of this great web site for other ideas. 

(see URL above)  They have valuable study hints for everyone.