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Ultimate Frisbee  

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      Like to throw the Frisbee? Like to play soccer? Well ultimate Frisbee combines the two into a fast paced team sport that can be played from a casual level to professional sport. Learn the rules and get to play the game. Bring running shoes and water. No cost.


Tancook Island Excursion

      How about a trip to Tancook Island? Do you enjoy the outdoors and hiking? You’ll learn about the history of Tancook, follow a trail across the island, and enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach on the far side. Then we’ll visit Farrar’s General Store and the Tancook Museum and perhaps drop in to visit the Tancook Elementary School, if it’s convenient for them. We’ll go over on the 10:30 ferry and return at 2:30. The cost is  $2.00.


Webpage Design

       Learn to use Front Page to construct your own Webpage. You will learn to show the elements of a good webpage designs and help you create your own webpage. Maybe you’ll all come back and make the CAMS page better! No Cost  

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Spa Day

         This workshop will be a “how to” session: How to care for your skin properly, how to choose and apply make up that suits your complexion and nail care. Bring your own facecloth; headband, towel as well as any nail care products you may have at home. No cost.



      Work with Mr.Morris to learn the skills of better pitching, hitting and base running to help your pick-up game of your league play. Then use them in a game of softball to round out the morning. Bring your glove and shoes if you have them. No cost.



              Ms. Pierce will take you to spend the morning learning new tricks and practice old ones at Lunenburg Skate Park. Cost $2.00




          Brandon Fleet will share his skills and by the end of the morning you should be able to simple tricks. No Cost  

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Stained Glass

           Stained glass is a passion of Dan Hennigar. Learn how to stain glass sailboats to take home. Cost $8.50



      You can learn how to play golf at the Chester Golf Club. No Cost



          You will learn proper grip, swing (forehand and backhand) ball control, short rallying, and stretching. No Cost’


Village Scavenger Hunt

           You need a pen or pencil and a desire to seek out info. No Cost


Yearbook Committee

       Lets put the yearbook to bed. Final editing and layout design will be done in this workshop. Come and make sure your imprints is on our 2004 yearbook (members only) No Cost



        Learn how to make you own cards. No Cost



        Are you interested in biking? Are you in grade 8 or 9? You must bring a helmet and your own bike. Bring a snack. No Cost



      Interested in theatre? You will learn improve, role-playing, and storytelling. We’ll end with 3-minute presentations by the students. No Cost



      This is for both guys and gals. There are three weapons –epee, foil, and---

No Cost


Glass Etching

       You can pick your own design. Mr. Phillips will supply your materials. Cost $3.00


Freewheeling Adventures

          Meet the guests, owners of a unique and popular tourist business right here in “our own backyard” You will have a kayaking experience and an on land activity. Cost $1.00



      You’ll need to bring socks. Shoes and balls provided in the cost. You’ll bowl two or three lines. The cost is $5.00.



            David Perry is going to bring his equipment and provide participants with a beginning course in boxing. No cost.



      Students will make a simple Cross Stitch design bookmark. Will be able to keep their bookmarks. Cost is $1.00.


Dog Obedience Training

      Learn some simple commands for your dog. Tips for teaching your dog better manners. No cost.



      Learn the technique and develop skills that will help you become a better drummer. No cost.


Flyball For Dogs

      Flyers are dogs and their owners who participate in flyball races for dogs. This takes lots of training. No cost.


Other Exploratories that students at CAMS enjoyed-

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Juggling Dance Soccer