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I Keep Book Marks can let you access your bookmarks anywhere in the world.  Therefore if you are working on a project and need to use your bookmarks at home and at school you can always access them.


Got a project? Need pictures? You can use Google Images to find the perfect picture for your project.

Want to research some information or find out how to do something? Well, if you need to know how, you can just go to WebQuest to see if they can help you figure it out!


If you are tired of Google, or just need a different search engine, you can use Kartoo to help you for your information needs.




Well, there is one site that has many, many different links for all your art desires. ArtSource is a great site for any art project or just for fun.


Want to focus on just Canada alone? Well rather than ArtSource, use About Canada.






Histor!ca is a great site for history resources, and as an added bonus, it is in French too.


Need information on our province? Well then check out our Government Site.


Another bilingual site, Prime Minister of Canada features our government system information.


Our Parliament can be explained at Parliamentary Internet, and yes it is bilingual.


Kids Voting Canada is focused around students and teaches democracy.


Stats Canada is the best choice for statistics and information. It features many polls and surveys from all over the country.


Need maps? Go to The Atlas of Canada, theyíre even in French.




The Childrenís Literature Web Guide provides information related to books and language.


This free site requires an account to be registered, but it helps students with their writing. Itís called LearningGrids.




Having trouble with a certain part of the language? About French can easily help you learn and fix your problems.


Need help conjugating? Hopefully this online Bescherelle (A French-English dictionary) will aid you. Verb Conjugation


Google Language Tools and Babel Fish Translation can help you with your French assignments by translating some words you just canít find. Warning though, French teachers will recognize and probably take points off for excessive use (overuse).


The Acadian Odyssey is a site describing the history of the culture.




Cells Alive is great resource for anyone who just needs a quick cell fact, or has a major project on cells. It has all kinds of resources, including short videos of cells in action.


Visit the NASA homepage for information on the space program and other space topics.


Go to the Smithsonian Institute webpage, one of the best science resources on the net. Covers most science topics.


Visit this page on electricity. Created by students, for students, itís a great resource.




An all-in-one math resource, AAA Math has basic tools for everyday math, even mental math!




The Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, and Dance, or CAPHERD for short.


SLAM! is a Canadian sports page, dealing with sports scores, statistics, and more.