Animated Videos and Presentations   PowTune is a free site with a powerful animation generator.  To create an account you are asked for your name and email address and to select student, teacher, or other.  So it isn't PIIDPA friendly.  It would be great for teacher use in the creation of flipped classroom videos but I wouldn't ask my students to create an account. Note:  works best with Google Chrome.

Assessment Generators  Questbase is a free tool for creating online assessments (polls, exit passes, surveys, quiz, test, etc...).  Teacher sets up an account and uses the built in templates to create M/C, T/F, Essay, etc., assessments.  Can set up time limits for students to complete.  Password protected.  Can be self correcting.  You add your students using their email address.  A lot of features.  Comes with a tutorial PDF to support the user.  Poll Everywhere is a method of creating a quick poll.  Your audience can respond via phone (text), browser (using URL), or twitter (tweet).  Create spreadsheet of results.  Free for up to 40 responses per poll.  Quizlet is a neat community site where people may share their own flashcards, quizzes, and games.  It is free with an option for a paid version.  Very easy to use.  Of course Moodle, Socrative, and Edmodo are also sites you can use along with many others.

Avatar   Create your own avatar with Voki. Lesson plans on how to use Voki in the classroom. Students do not require an account.

Bibliography Help  Bibme is a Bibliography maker for high school / University students.  Utilizes multiple formats (APA, MLA, etc.)

Brainstorming  Spiderscribe is a free online mindmapping tool that allows multiple individuals to work on the same map.  With a teacher account, students do not require  an account.  They access the map by invitation through email.

Chat Room  Todays Meet is a free online chat room that requires no student accounts. You create a room and give it a name. Students are given a URL to attend your "meeting".

Coding for Kids   Scratch is a programming language that was created by MIT students and staff in 2003.  It is specifically for 8-to-16-year-olds. is a fun, challenge based coding site (and App) for early elementary students.  GamestarMechanic is a video game designer program meant for upper elementary/junior high.  It does not require a student to use identifiable information (PIIDPA safe) to create an account. provides free lessons to teachers.  Pick lessons appropriate for your age group.  Student email required for account creation.

Coding with Java Script   KhanAcademy has a terrific site utilizing video instruction and hands on activities to learn Java coding.

Curation  Springpad is a program and app that allows the user to collate information, checklists, websites, etc... into one location.  Great for organizing research information. 

Exit Ticket  Free teacher account.  Free website access by students but they need to set up an account using their teachers class code as well as the student's email and first / last name.  This allows the system to generate a report for the teacher on each student.  Student ID is requested but not necessary.  DO NOT HAVE STUDENTS ENTER THIS INFORMATION.  The app is only available in the U.S. so I would stick to using Socrative App with iPads and other tablets.

Geometry  GeoGebra allows teachers and students to utilize interactive geometry, algebra, statistics, and calculus software.  Free download from the website, along with a free tablet App.

Grammar Skills  noredink is a free site for both teachers and students.  Once a teacher creates an account, they can provide their students with a class code to enter that space and complete the site generated activities.  The only drawback was the fact that the questions often related to American history/geography/politics.  It would be nice to see a site that provides politically neutral (if there is such a thing...but you know what I mean) statements/questions.  That issue aside, this is a really easy to use and effective web 2.0 tool for use in English class.

Homework Text Message System  Remind 101 is a free website and App that allows teachers to text messages/homework to their teachers free of charge. Messages are one way so students and parents cannot text back.

Infographic Creator  Piktochart is a free website that allows account holders to create neat infographics.  User accounts require unique username and an email address. is another free site that allows you to create and share your infographics.  User accounts require an email address only.  Gliffy is a powerful online diagram editor.  Collaborate with others in the creation of flowcharts and other.  Email address and password are the only items required for an account.

Meeting Organizer  Doodle is a free online service to quickly set up a meeting and have your invitees respond back.  Doodle simplifies scheduling.

Movie Clips   MOVIECLIPS has movie trailers, previews, behind the scenes clips of old, new and upcoming films.

Science Report  Science Writer is a free website that allows the account holder to create science reports.  Utilizes text to speech functionality for LD students.  I recommend for Upper Elementary to Junior High aged students.

Screencasting  Jing is a software program that allows you to create a five minute screencast video.  Very easy to use.  Free download.

Slide Show Creator is a free online slide presentation creator.  Or try Haikudeck (site or App) - another free slide show creator.  Simplier to use.

Student Response System  Socrative is a free program available on tablets so that students may participate in quick classroom polls, quizzes, exit slips, etc...  A very good program to utilize.  No student account needed.  Students enter teachers virtual classroom using a code.

Sticky Note  Scrumblr is a PIIDPA friendly virtual sticky note website.

Timelines  Tiki-Toki and Timetoast and Dipity are web-based software for creating beautiful interactive timelines that you can share on the internet.  Timeline JS is a good choice but it does require a Google Drive account to access the template.

Tour Builder  Google maps with slides!  Excellent tool!

Wall Space  Your free online "wall" that may be shared with others.  Padlet allows embed photos, text, audio, and video.

Video Creator  Popcorn Maker is a Mozilla free software product that allows you to create videos that embed popups and other neat features. 

*Another site that contains similar content is the Halifax School Board Technology Integration site.