Middle School Mathematics

This site was generated for a BJSHS CLT team of grade 7 math educators





Educreations acts as a recordable whiteboard that captures your voice and handwriting to produce video lessons that you can share online. It's as simple as touching, tapping and talking.

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ShowMe app lets you create video lessons using a whiteboard.  It is similar to Educreations but easier to use.  The Website provides lessons from educators throughout the world.  Great resource for Flipped Classroom.Free App




MyScript app turns handwritten math into a fast and easy to edit equation.  Simple and straightforward to use.Free App


Mental Math

Mental Math Cards app is an easy to utilize platform for practicing basic math operations.  Offers levels of difficulty and challenges.Free App
Mathemagics app provides teaching and practice applications.  Study mental math tricks and apply the learning through a fun proficiency practice activity.$3.99 App


Math Practice


The IXL website contains a plethera of mathematical problems sorted by age and category.  A 30 day free trial is available for teachers.  Cost per year is $299 cad.


Math.Com is an older website that contains lesson plans and resources for teachers, as well as student practice activities (sorted by math subject).

Image result for khan academyKhan Academy is a free website that is constantly updating the materials for teaching and learning math concepts (along with others).  The difference is that the teacher can make a class within the site that allows their students to log in and use the materials while tracking student progress and allowing the teacher to recommend specific skill activities to the student.  A lot of teaching videos available to support student learning.Website
Image result for mathgames.comMath Games is a free website and Chrome app.  Once the teacher signs up (for free) they can set up an online classroom or export a class from Google Classroom.  Create assignments within the site and push them out to your students.  Best suited to practice problems.

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Image result for prodigyProdigy Game is a website and app.  Teachers sign up to get a class code.  Students enroll using the code.  The game scaffolds math skills to match the level of the student and provides the teacher with ongoing data on student success/level of accomplishment.

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