Wed, 07/13/2016 - 14:34 -- bbutt

Day 2 Today we started by reviewing our company name, ROV name and tagline: East Coast Robotics, Gulf Streamer, "Ride the Current".  My group partner is a Jane, a wonderfully experienced educator from Florida.  Our schedules were redeveloped to include "dependencies" and methods of generating the schedules were shared by each group.  We had used Google Calendar...the only group to do so. The remaining topics included - Multimeters:  symbols, use of, units- Batteries must be in a case at the side of the pool to provide impact protection.  Gel batteries are better than liquid, though an absorbed glass mat battery is best.  A marine battery is a good choice as it can be recharged multiple times once emptied.  Lead acid batteries do not recharge as well.- Simple Circuits:  drawiing circuits, symbols, closed vs open, short circuits, Ohms Law, Series vs Parallel, resistance, LED lights are max of 3 volts and 20 mA, wire gauge, Watts Law, Power.- use of water analogies to electricity.  - switches:  different types, activity on making your own homemade switch- motors:  how they work- Soldering: How to use (ie keep your tip "dirty" with solder...called tinning), waterproofing solder joints with hot glue and shrink wrap.We ended at 5:30 pm.