Fri, 07/15/2016 - 14:02 -- bbutt

Todays lessons were quite involved with the electrical components.  We started with circuit board construction, soldering components unto the circuit board, SIDs, creating our own underwater ROV camera from the off the shelf back up camera meant for a car, use of epoxy and acrylic to glue and seal components into an acrylic tube, and then unto basics of hydrolics using syringes and test tubes in making an underwater tool to pick up items.  We also built our own power cords and attached them to the circuit boxes, soldered the fuse holder to the power cord, and learnt how to use the Anderson Power Pole crimper.  A lot of education, at a fast pace of execution but with time built in for hands on practice.  I learnt alot today.  Quite proud of how the ROV is shaping up!

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