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My friend got married this summer in Truro, and I was there!

I did a lot of hiking this summer, and camping.  J'adore le camping!

I LOVE the beach!

Here are a few of the more interesting reminders of my travels:

I was there visiting my friend from my BEd at Acadia, Jen.  Jen is a teacher in Amman, Jordan.  Since their weekend is on Friday and Saturday, we were able to get away together on Thursday evening.  We drove to Petra, where the movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" was filmed.  It was 820 steps to the top!  But the view was worth the climb!

My next trip will be to Ottawa this winter to see a NHL game. Go Sens!

I will be volunteering in the Roar of the Rings Olympic Curling Trials in December:


Parents may also be interested in an article I published in Aviso magasine in May 2004.




In loving memory of Cuddles, May 1989 - June 2004