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Annette Carey                        Program Support/Learning Centre

The role of the Program Support/Learning Centre Teacher


Program Support


As Program Support Teacher, or P.S.T., I work with students that require extra help in various areas of the curriculum. This may be done within the classroom in conjunction with the classroom teacher or working in the Learning Centre on concepts designed to support and extend programming in the classroom.

I may see them one-to-one or in a small group with peers that are having similar learning profiles=.


Learning Centre


Learning Centres support students requiring a wide range of services and who have significant learning needs and may include students with  Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down’s Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or other neurological disorder, developmental delays or behaviour disorders.

Within The Learning Centre, students have :

· Opportunities to continue to work on IPP (Individual Program Plan) outcomes with PST or Program Support Assistant (PSA)

· Opportunities for Social Skills\Life |Skills teaching

· Opportunities to learn and practice functional skills.

· Fine/gross motor skill development

· Sensory Diets

· Calm Down Techniques

Direct Service

Support may also be indirect. In these cases the role of Program Support Teacher is to assist with developing and implementing plans for students  requiring additional  programming

Program Support/Learning Centre Teachers work in consultation with classroom teachers, administration and specialists  so that appropriate programming can be developed.

Specialists include:


Speech Language Pathologists,


Assistive Technology Facilitator

Severe Learning

   Disabilities Consultant (SLD)

Autism Consultant

Indirect Service

Assistive Technology


Opportunities to learn Assistive Technology  are available within the Learning Centre

Annette Carey M. Ed.

Program Support/Learning Centre

Chester District School