eClass Grades

Creating Generic Files for eClass Grades

A generic file can speed up the process of converting class rosters to classes.  Some schools only use one value pattern, so they only need one generic file.  For example, a school may have 4 terms, all equal in value, and the staff agrees that each grading period is 25% of the final mark.

The generic file would contain 4 terms and a final mark = 5 bins

The bins are set up in the school setup of winschol and it is important for the person looking after eClass Grades to know which bin is assigned to which grading period.


Open eClass Grades - Select New Class - Go to Class - Map Bins - It will ask for the setup.gbk

The setup file can be found in any teacher folder with rosters which have been written from winschool - report cards module.  Double click on the setup file and the following window should appear.

Right click each type value and place them in the proper bin.  The one I am using is only an example.  Your bns may be set up totally different depending on your school.

When finished click OK.  Now go to class - grading periods - and set the values for each grading period.  Use the scroll bar to move down through the grading periods.  The overall summary does not have to be set.

When you finish this step select OK to close the window.  Now go to file and save as:  Name the file generic.cls and save it in a location that is easy to find.  If you are making other term value combinations, you can use the same file, change the term weights and save them as generic2.cls and so on.  Teachers can change these values if they want but should always check it through their Administration.

Converting Multiple Roster Files at one time

Converting Multiple Rosters to Class Files at one time.  Speeding up the process of class convertion is simple provided you have your generic files set up and following a few steps.

Open eClass Grades - go to edit - preferences - click the arrow at the top and select - Chancery SMS Class Conversion - check both boxes and select OK.

Now go to file - Convert Chancery SMS Class files - a windows will open - change the drive to the one where the roster folders are written - double click on the first teacher folder - the roster files should appear in the window.  Select the files to convert by clicking on each one.  When you click OK it will ask for the generic file that will be used to set up the class.  Locate that file where you saved it previously and double click on the generic file.  The program will convert the roster files and save them usng the full course name.

You may need generic files for first and second semester courses as well as full year courses.

When you are done - teachers can go to work and add categories and assignments to use eclass grades to keep their marks.

Remind teachers that they will have to put in the beginning assignment number after each grading period.

Set Categories

Open eclass grades - go to class, categories, select the first grading period from the top, (there should be a drop down menu arrow) and add the categories and values for each category.
Tests - 25%
Assignments - 25%
Quizzes - 20%
Projects - 10%
Portfolio - 20%
When they are set you can select the next grading period (it will ask you if you wish to save the changes, click OK)and click the "copy from previous grading period" at the bottom left of the menu and it will copy the categories to the next grading period.

Setting an alternate grade

Go to class - grading period - select allow alternate grade.

This will create two columns for that grading period.  The first column will be an alternate grade.  Eclass grades will use the mark placed there over the calculated mark.

Changing the viewed mark

Go to grades - screen prefs. - and use the drop down menu to select the grading period wanted.  The final mark is also available here so you can see the calculated final to date.