Report Manager

Redesign rather then reinvent

Most items we want to include in a template have already been used in another template somewhere.  We need to build a bank of templates that users can access for their school and make them fit our needs.

How to Set Page Size and Page Orientation

Open Win School - Select Report Manager

Select the System Icon - and Page Setup - Select the Orientation (How the text appears on the page) - Paper Size and Click OK.

It is important to do this before making a template, as these settings cannot be changed for this template later on.

How to Add a Smart Item to a Template

Open Win School - Select Report Manager - Set Page Size (using the System Icon Settings)

Select File - New Template - Select the Arrow Icon  and click any open space on the template (this just deselects any selected items in the template)

Select the smart item icon (light blub)- the Smart Items window opens.

From the Category List - Select the Folder and Sub Folder that contains the smart item you wish to use - Click on the smart item you wish to use - Click on the Template - Click on the Template to bring it to the front - Click and draw a rectangular box with the left mouse button pressed in the template where you want to place the smart item.  Release the left mouse button to set the smart item.

Select the arrow from the tools items - click on the smart item to select it (this highlights the smart item) - move the mouse arrow to the edge of the rectangle and the arrow turns into a double ended arrow - click the left mouse button and drag the sides to change the size of the box.

Click in the centre of the smart item to select it - you can hold the left mouse button down and drag the smart item to any location in the template - release the button to drop the smart item.

Double Clicking on the smart items will tell you if the item format can be changed.  Some items can be edited and others are preformatted and cannot be changed.

How to use the Link Tool to link text and graphics together

Open Win School - Report Manager

File - New Template - Select the smart item tool and place a Student Name smart item on the template

Select the Rectangle Tool  and draw the rectangle over the smart item.

Select the Association Tool (staggered boxes) - Select the Smart Item - It will show green squares in the corners - Select the Rectangle - It will show blue in the corners.

Click outside the rectangle to continue.  This process means the student name controls the template.

How to create a Report index for a Template

Open Win School - Select Report Manager

Double click on a Template to open it - Select the smart item you wish to use for indexing.

Save the template - Run the Template

When the report is shown there will be an index section in the menu bar where you can select a particular item from the index.

This is often used to index student names.

How to set a report constraint

Open Win School - Select Report Manager

Select the template you wish to use.

From the Reports Menu - Select Print Using Highlighted Template

Select Constraints - Students tab - From the Category list - Select the Personal Information folder from the Title List - Double click Student Grade (Short)

For this example we will set a constraint for grade level so - In the top window the Student Grade (Short) appears - The Relation can be (equal to, not equal to, or not applicable) - The grade can be changed to whatever you need.

You can add multiple constraints and narrow the list of reports to fit your needs.

Select OK when done.

How to remove a constraint form a Template

Open Win School Select Report Manager

Locate the Template example: Report Card 06-07

Double Click to open the template

Select Edit Constraints

Select Classes Remove the Constraint

Select the constraint and click Clear All at the bottom of the window

Select OK

Close the template and save the changes

Close the Template