CSL Win School Next Year Data

How to create Next Year's Data Folder

On the desktop of the computer (laptop or desktop) you wish to use to work on the next year data - double click on my computer (if using windows xp you may need to go to the start menu in the lower left corner and select the My Computer icon)

Double click on the C:\ drive (often called local disk c:\ )

Double click on the Winschl folder - select the File menu - new -> folder

Name the new folder Data0910 for this year

The folder is now created and ready for the next year prep procedure.


How to copy current year data to Next Year's Folder

Be sure the C:\Winschl\Data0708 folder has been created.

Start Winschl as usual - select the Shell Menu - Administrator Log

This will tell you if anyone else is logged in.  Have everyone else log off before proceeding.  Close the Administrator Log.

Before you proceed - set advanced grade levels with these directions.

(School Setup - School - double click Projected Grade Levels - set new grade levels (gr. 7 to 8) and so on - click OK)

Select the Shell Menu - Next Year Prep. (the next year's directory window appears)

Note:  Multi-User access will be unavailable during the time you are running next year's prep.

In the directory window - double click the c:\ drive - double click on the Winschl folder - double click on the Data0708 folder.

Click OK

There should be a progress bar showing on the screen to indicate Win School is copying the data.

After the data is copied a window will appear to create a shortcut to the new data for next year's prep.  Name it Next Year's Prep and it will create the icon and open the window.  Click and drag the icon to the desktop to be able to use it easily.

How to change Win School Access Levels in Next Year's Data

Start Next Year's Prep copy of win school using the desktop shortcut.

Select School Setup - double click System Passwords

Select the password in the password box - delete the current password - type in a new password for this year data.

Repeat this process for each staff member account you wish to change.

Click OK

Quit School Setup