AIMS data collection from Win School.

Display the attendance summary.

Open winschool -

Select the attendance module -

Double click on the last day of the school year -

Go to the reports menu - attendance register - select student names and period attendance - click print - select attendance - select period codes (suspended, present, inschool suspensions), select periods where attendance is reported - use 1 to 100 occurrences - report dates between the first and last day of the year - and click print.  The report is not used and can be closed.  I only used this to verify settings.

Go to reports and select statistical summary - the report will have a number of sheets - near the end of the report (second from last usually) is the grand total summary.  This will show the percentage of students present.


Suspension Statistics

Suspension information is found in the details module.

Open details and select the student window.

Hold down the shift key and select all the students.

Go to the reports menu at the top and select student conduct.

From the incident actions, select the items you want to track - (suspended, inschool suspensions, out of school suspensions for 1 - 5+ days).  Select the summary only option, and incident and action dates from the first to last day of the year.  I allow 1 to 200 occurrences (not likely to need a number greater than 30).  Click print and the report will be generated.

Some simple calculations and you will be able the determine the number of suspensions and the number of days of out of school suspensions.  The only need for the full report is to calculate suspensions greater than 5 days.


Calculating Mark Averages for the Report

Calculation of the marks for each course requires the same steps be repeated.

Go to the Report Cards module - in the student window - hold the shift key down and select all the students.

Select the class window.  In the fourth column - at the top of the column select and hold the arrow bar and select Course Average.

Go to the Marks menu at the top of the window and select course rank.  Select the bins you wish to use for the calculations.  For the final average, only select the final mark bin.  For the exam average you would need the semester 1 exam bin and the semester 2 exam bin. 

Select the courses you need the averages calculated for in the report and click OK.  The program will generate the averages and place them in the fourth column of the class window.

You will need to do the process once for exam marks and once for final marks.  This should provide all of the information necessary for the AIMS report.  The spreadsheet can be completed, saved and attached to an email.