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Bell Ringers are Back!

Join us for an afternoon of ready to use activities and collaborative discussions.

Session Topic Target Audience Power Points, Handouts and Resources
Reading Assessment Resource Content Teachers  

Life Work Portfolios 

PDR  Teachers  

Writing;  Organization

All Subject Areas  

Writing: Conventions

All Subject Areas  
Writing Fluency All Subject Areas  

Writing: Ideas

All Subject Areas Ideas Workshop

So All May Read 

ELA Teachers  

Math On-Line

Math Teachers  
Power of Portfolios All Subject Areas Portfolio Power Point Presentation

Active Readers & Writer's In Action

New Teacher Focus  

Smart Technology

All Subject Areas  
French Activities French Teachers  
Social Studies 8 Activities Grade 8 Social Studies Fact-Based Article Analysis: Current Event Day

Current Event Day

Quiz Master

Did you Hear About

Reading Assessment Resource

ELA  Teachers  


All Subject Areas  
Science Session Science Teachers  

Tech Ed Chat Room

Technology Education Teachers  
Reading Conferences ELA Teachers  
Assisting Struggling Writers Program Support Teachers Story Starter Stuff Cards

S.S.S. Sheet

Tell and Type Topic Cards

Social Studies 7 Activities Grade 7 Social Studies  
Family Studies Chat Room Family Studies Teachers  

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