Creating a Heritage Fair Project

Creating a Heritage Fair project can seem like an overwhelming amount of work, but if you follow these steps outlined in this website, you will see how easy it can be to produce a Heritage Fair project that you will be proud to present! Each step contains "Survival Sheets" to help you survive this big project! Good luck!

This website breaks creating a Heritage Fair project down into 5 managable steps:  

Step 1- Find a topic - You will find a topic that you are interested in and would like to learn more about it. 

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Step 2 - Research
- You will research your topic using a variety of resources. (Internet, books, photos, interviews, newspapers, magazines, videos, etc.)

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Step 3 - Written Report - You will produce a written report explaining what you found out about your topic and include a bibliography.

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Step 4 - Visual Display - You will make a visual display of what you found out about your topic. (example: can include pictures, costumes, artifacts, memoirs, diaries, videos, etc.)

Project Display


Step 5 - Presentation - You will give a short presentation to an audience and be able to answer questions about your topic. 

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