Film and Video 12 (FLMVID12)

R. MacRae



Cinema is a 20th century form of art and entertainment, consisting of moving pictures projected onto a screen.  Cinema borrows from other arts, such as music, drama, and literature.  The first moving pictures were shown in the 1890s.  They were primarily recorded outdoors for obvious reasons.  In the late 1920s, film began to produce sound as well as moving images, which changed the nature of the previous actors and performers.  Around the same time artistic developments began to flourish by using musical backgrounds, special effects, stunts, etc.  


The focus of Film and Video 12 will be to produce finished quality video projects/presentations.  We will explore both analog and digital technologies and will as looking at the film industry.  Both Hollywood style and documentary style will be practiced.


Some of the topics for exploration will include:


            Film appreciation

            Film Industry

            Using the video camera

            Establishing proper lighting

            Creating and using sound

            Setting up, maintaining, care, and use of equipment

            Producing and Directing

            Story boards, scripts, and planning

            Costumes, props, and acting

            Video editing

            Presentation of finished products


Evaluation will be calculated by the following:


            Project work                          60%   

            Show and Tell                      10%

            Video Announcements       20%

            Class participation              10%


Contact Information:


You can contact me by phoning 541-8200 and leaving a message with the secretary during school hours or email me at  I will make every effort to get back to you as soon as possible.