Exploring Technology 10



Overview – This course is designed to provide the student with opportunities to understand the implication of technology, a disciplined process that will use scientific material and human resources to achieve human purposes.  The student will be required to use problem solving skills and creative thinking to adapt to the technology of the future.  This is a hands-on course where you will discover by doing.


Outline – This course is divided into two equal value and time sections.  Communication Technology with Mr. MacRae and Production, Energy, and Transportation Technology with Mr. Creaser. 


Communication Technology deals with Technology, Computers, Communication Systems, Graphic Production, and Electronic Communication.


Evaluation – 100 % of your mark is determined by project work.  You will be given a block of work to complete in the allotted time.  You chose the order to complete the assignments since it is a modular course where everyone is not working on the same assignments at the same time due to limitations of equipment and resources.


Activities – There are five main areas of study:


Drawing and Sketching (100pts) – Three view and pictorial sketches as a means of communicating information.  Grid drawing to enlarge, reduce, transfer, and distort images.  A primary assignment in this unit is to design and illustrate a portfolio to store your materials.


Screen Process Printing (100pts) – Silhouettes, outlines, and detailed images will be printed on paper and fabric using artwork produced by hand and with a computer.


Computer Applications (100pt) – Text manipulation, business cards, word processing, Internet searches, and a webquest.


Audio (100pts) – You will plan and record a musical mix that will include vocals and music.  You have the option to record analog or digital using a traditional audio system or by using iTunes and GarageBand.


Video (100pts) – The task is to plan, record and edit a how to video.  We use both analog and digital video equipment to record plan videos then capture and edit using iMovie.


Contact Information


You can contact me by phoning 541-8200 and leaving a message with the secretary during school hours or email me at rmacrae@staff.ednet.ns.ca.  I will make every effort to get back to you as soon as possible.