Design 11



 Design is to create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan.  A designer will draw, lay out, sketch, or prepare the plan so that it will satisfy a specific function or end.  In order to be successful in this course you must be willing to accept the challenge of being a designer.


A good designer must be able to identify objectives of function.  Look at a need, analyze the situation, examine possible solutions, then execute the best possible solution based on the criteria.


 When designing you must follow guidelines to determine what will be aesthetically pleasing and satisfy the need.  These include rhythm, balance, proportion, variety, emphasis, and harmony.  To achieve the desired effect, designers rely on different design elements including line, shape, form, space, colour, texture, and shades of dark or light.  In addition to knowing about design principles and elements, he/she must be familiar with the different materials and techniques.


Design 11 will involve the following:                      


Principles of Design ,Elements of Design,Drawing and Sketching,Grid Drawing,Scale Drawing,Multi view and Pictorial Drawing,Technical Drawing,Computer Aided Drafting and Design (Mechanical and Architectural),Desktop Publishing and Web Page Design.


Some of the computer applications we will use include:


Generic CADD, Photoshop, Web Design


Evaluation will be based on:

Portfolio of creative solutions to design problems                        -40

Sketchbook of weekly renderings of ideas                                     -20

Practical testing showing the implementation of design              -15

General assignments satisfying specific function                         -15

Class participation that demonstrates a willingness to work      -10


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