"I don't like intellects...They are from the top down, not from the ground up. I've always thought of myself -- of what I represent -- as from the ground up." Frank Lloyd Wright

"Erik Buell, a true individualist of American motorcycle design, picks up cues from a different landscape and then reshapes them. Equally comfortable in the Gen-X world of mountain biking or the racetrack's pit row, Buell has reinvented an American motorcycle archetype. For a start, his designs are environmentally sensitive: "More noise does not mean more power" is one of his mantras. While using only Harley-Davidson engines, Buell proves that American motorcycles need not embody the cliche of the noisy, fat boulevard cruiser." Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Teacher R.MacRae

Design 11 Sketchbook Topics

Design 11 Assignments

1. Logo/Alias

2. Sketchbook Cover

3. Bauhaus -9 squares, The concept of Space

4. Drawing to Scale

5. Designing a Message

6. Designing Your Own Space

7. Celebrate Canada-2003-2004

9. Web Page Design

10. Planning and Designing a Home

11. Product Advertisement

Sketching and Drawing Exercise