Communication Technology 12 (COMTEC12)

R. MacRae



Overview - Communication Technology is one of the greatest influences affecting our lives today.  The power to communicate intelligibly and precisely is an asset to young people regardless of the career they intend to pursue.  A study of communication technology helps students develop problem solving skills giving you an insight into the applications of an ever-growing technical society.


Outline - This course will consist of content and activities dealing with the orientation to communication technology, computer applications, design, drawing and sketching, graphic communication, light, audio, and video.


Evaluation - Your personal achievement and success will be determined primarily by your project work.  You will have one test per term, and there is no exam.  Your mark will also include a participation/class mark based on your responsibility to the group and your willingness to work.


Activities - Technology Learning Activities (TLA) will require co-operative problem solving in the following areas:


            Orientation to communication technology - The purpose, value, and future of communication.

            Drawing and Sketching - Multi view and Pictorial sketching primarily as relates to video story boards.

Electronic Communication - Computer generated images, desktop publishing, word processing, Web quests, and Web page design.

            Light - Taking photographic pictures, developing negatives, contact printing, and enlargements.

Screen process printing - Paper and emulsion stencil printing on fabric and paper.

            Video - Projects demonstrating camera use as well as reaching an audience.

            Bindery and Paper Finishing - A variety of bindery techniques as well as paper drilling, folding, and cutting.


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