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Welcome to North Queens Elementary School.  We are considered a unique P-6 school because we are connected to a 7-12 High School via a pedway.  The students from P-12 share both the cafeteria and gymnasium at alternate scheduled times.  The students are comfortable with the movement between schools and therefore it makes the transition smoother at the time of graduation.  

We are located in Caledonia, Nova Scotia, a rural community that is situated inland from the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

The following link allows one to view a map showing the community of Caledonia within its surrounding area.  It provides an absolute location along with a relative location of Caledonia.

We are very proud of our students here at North Queens Elementary.  They have accomplished many things while attending this school.  One such group, no longer present at the Elementary Level, made it one of their goals to help beautify the grounds as well as become involved in a project known as the, 'Habitat 2000 Garden'.

The North Queens Junior Naturalists established a garden area in front of the school pedway for two specific reasons:

1)    to provide a habitat for birds and butterflies

2)    to make the garden area part of The Habitat 

        2000 program promoted by The Canadian

        Wildlife Federation, which in turn celebrated

         the year 2000

The garden project began on Earth Day, April 22, 1998 with the planting of ornamental bushes to attract butterflies (2 spirea and 1 butterfly bush).

The garden area was expanded on Earth Day 22, 1999 where members planted lupins, veronica, violas, lilies and rugosa roses.

In the year 2000, an addition of a bulb/annual garden was made with the planting of daffodils, tulips and marigold transplants (grown by the JN members).  The garden area was enhanced with many features such as a birdbath and stepping-stones also made by the JN members.  A JN parent donated a beautiful hemlock tree stump, where it proudly stands in the center of the garden area (a perfect resting spot for the birdbath).

The finishing touch of the Junior Naturalists' garden was the making of a wooden sign by the members to signify the established Habitat 2000 Garden.  The official sign hanging was held on Earth Day, 2001.

The garden is now well established and it provides the school with a welcoming invitation for all to enjoy (including the birds and butterflies)!


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