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Every student at CAMS has a student web mail address.

It can be accessed at http://student.ednet.ns.ca/imp . This site can be accessed from any internet computer in the world! It can also be accessed from CAMS’ home web page at www.cams.ednet.ns.ca


With this, you can…

- email your school work to home and vice versa.

-access my address at mlongl@staff.ednet.ns.ca to send important messages or to get homework.

-email friends (because MSN is off limits at school)

 You will be required to learn how to send messages and create an address book so that you may use this site to your advantage more often. Some major assignments will be sent through email and you will be evaluated on your ability to use it.

Link to student webmail

How to make folders in your ednet account

How to send an attachment



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