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Students are now creating content online on a regular basis.  With that opportunity also comes some responsibility and some reflection about what digital footprint they will be leaving.  Students do not often recognize that they leave tracks as they move around the internet. 

The attached Power Point with presentation notes (when you save it) was originally presented to grade 4-6 classes but can be easily adapted for junior high.  Teachers are often asked by parents about safe online practices and more information on that can be found on the Family Literacy section of this website under the Internet Safety section. For teachers more information can also be found in the Critical Reading lesson ideas and in the Media Literacy lesson ideas.


The Privacy Commissioner of Canada has a wonderful site that can give you many other informative resources about ethical behaviour online and on getting to know what is happening when you share your information online, in particular through social networking sites.  They have developed a short video on this topic that is very informative for anyone grade 4 and up and can even be useful with adult groups.


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Sue Taylor-Foley, Coordinator of Assessment and Technology, South Shore Regional School Board, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada

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