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"Technology...provides a strong base on which to build the research process.  With so much information out there, the researcher has a means to access that knowledge. Books alone do not educate the learner for today and tomorrow's society." M. McMackin and B. Siegel- Knowing How- Researching and Writing Nonfiction 3-8, pg. 152

Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue? or What starfish do in the winter?

For anyone who has ever wanted the answer to a question, mini-research maybe the answer.  It is a short duration, focused inquiry, where students pose questions and seek answers.

If you are curious and want to know more click on the image below and find out the fine points involved in mini-research and view a sample inquiry process based on curriculum outcomes.


Allan Turner, South Shore District School Board Principal and Active Young Readers' Leadership Team member, has been looking in depth at non-fiction research for a few years.  Read his thoughts on this in the Spring 2004 Issue of the NSTU Teacher Magazine Aviso. 

Give students a rubric for their projects so that they will know your expectations. Here is one sample of what a simple rubric might look like for this project outlined in the power point presentation above. For other rubric information see your English Language Arts Guide, Active Young Readers Grades 4-6 Teacher Assessment Resource and visit a website like RubiStar.

No doubt you will also need to teach your students some refined internet searching skills so that the information that they find will meet their research project needs. See the mini-lesson on Internet Searching for a power point presentation on this topic.

For additional information on the research techniques outlined here please see Nonfiction Matters- Reading, Writing and Research in Grades 3-8 by Stephanie Harvey.



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