by William Bell

Novel Study 

As we read the novel Crabbe in class, you will complete the following assignments. Please complete your work in good copy and hand in according to the due dates decided upon in class.


Introduction to the Novel

Assignment #1 ESSAY

Read "To Light a Fire" by Jack London.

Complete text questions and vocabulary word find.

Write an essay describing three things you would take with you if you were going to survive in the woods.  Create a reason you would be in the woods, and a time frame, then choose three things from the list and provide details supporting your choices.

Assignment #2  POEM

Complete word splash activity in class. Sort words according to character, setting, plot and conflict.  Create a ten line poem using the words.


Read The Cremation of Sam McGee, by Robert Service. Study the images on the links below to see how various artists have illustrated this wonderful poem.  Create your own illustration for your favorite part of the poem.  Use plenty of colors and details to create a vivid image. Use the outline for creating a drawing provided in class.

Burning Sam by David Charles Bierk

Ted Harrison: Click on the "view gallery" button to see five pictures from the illustrated picture book


Author Study

Assignment # 4  Paragraph

Check out the William Bell web site and write a brief outline describing some details about the author. Why did he write the novel, how long does it take, where is he from, details from his life?


Issues in the Novel

Assignment #5 Alcohol Abuse Advertisement


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